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Lanka Clay pioneers in the Sri Lankan clay industry by manufacturing and exporting premium quality terracotta clay products since 2000. Our range includes Garden pots, Clay water filters/dispensers, Serveware, Customised Terracotta wall tiles and Ornamental Pottery. Lanka Clay products are handcrafted with care resembling quality and excellence in earthenware.


The pottery of Sri Lanka has a very long history. There are pieces of evidence about the history of pottery in Sri Lanka that goes back to the second century BC. It has become unbroken tradition that was passed from one generation to other. There is evidence from the archeological excavations at the Anuradhapura Gedige and Kandarodai in Jaffna that has found pottery items in the early stage of history in Sri Lanka. the archeological excavations done near the Thissamaharamaya found many pottery items dated back to second BC. Some of them were imported from various places in the world. That proves pottery items were one of the main good which was traded in international trading in ancient Sri Lanka.

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